Corporate Hatha Yoga Classes

SPECIAL OFFERS - January 2013

Some office and work conditions can play havoc on ones sense of wellbeing.  Yoga can help to relieve physical conditions and complaints which may range from eyestrain, headaches, RSI (repetitive strain injury) and back or shoulder pain to more long term ailments. Through the practice of postures and breathing exercises, yoga can help to restore mobility and relieve stiffness and tensions through various parts of the body.  After sitting for a period of time the spine compresses and circulation deteriorates but yoga will help to lengthen and increase a healthy flow of energy which results in the reinvigoration of the entire nervous system. With regular practice it strengthens and tones the entire body.

On a mental plane, yoga can relieve symptoms of stress and negativity. It can help to restore a positive balance with a sense of calm and focus, increasing chances for effective concentration and productivity levels, at work. Practiced on a regular basis students will discover countless physical, mental and emotional benefits, which may be taken back to work or home with them.


Corporate Hatha Yoga Classes for beginners and intermediates
Special course offers/ trials
Lunchtime or after work- qualified instructor
Bring calmity into your workplace, energise and  unwind...
Stretch, tone, move, breathe and relax.
Book a one hour yoga trial class with a discount of 70%, off the normal rate
Book a block of six classes and get one class for half price

After work Yoga 2012 courses

"I need my yoga classes at the end of a busy working day - they re-focus me and replenish my energy levels. Just to beable to be calm and centred for an hour or so, where the only timepoint is "now" completely replenishes me. Tracy's classes are aimed at retoring your inner mental balance, as much as improving your core strength. The breathing exercises allow you to completely relax your mind- so welcome at the end of a stressful day." Liz Coxon-Croxson

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Work is very stressful yet after each session, I feel alot more at peace and relaxed."


"Tutor is lovely and makes everyone feel welcome."

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. Have learnt meditation techniques and relaxation."

"Really good course with excellent tutor."

Yoga in the Park 2011/2012

"I am enjoying this course. Thank you. It feels very therapeutic." (June 2012) Monica

"I enjoyed the class and slept really well. I felt totally rejuvenated!" (May 2012) Mary

"I can vouch for Tracy. I have recently attended her classes in a beautiful victorian restoration park where her great and gentle teachings leads you to a point of calm and relaxation" (Student at Herschel Park, July 2011).

" My back always feels so much better after attending yoga class" Frania

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