"When at peace you listen with attention and are totally present"


Yoga means Union or to join.  Hatha Yoga is the union of the body and the breath. Ha means Sun and Tha means Moon. These two elements are masculine and feminine forces and by yoga practice many imbalances and diseases experienced in the human organism may be cured or prevented.  For some, Yoga is a way of life and and for others a practical discipline which maintains fitness.  By embracing yoga in a regular sense we may harness growth on a number of levels and receive an insight into the truer essence of our being. On a physical plane it increases bodily self awareness and balance. Through regular practice of Asana (postures) the spine will be corrected and there will be a gradual increase in suppleness and flexibility. Together with Pranayama techniques (breathing practices) the cells, tissues and organs of the body receive an in flow of prana (vital lifeforce) which cleanses the entire nervous system, releases tensions and stiffness, revitalises and restores the entire organism. Mentally yoga brings peace and harmony amidst the throws of daily stresses and externalisations.  It draws one back to the Centre and to a state of calmness.  It provides an emotional  balance and a feeling of wellbeing, encourages a more positive outlook whilst creating an increase in inner strength, self esteem and confidence.  Yoga therefore is a complete healing system and may be practised by anyone at their chosen level or ability.  It is a personal journey and therefore is not competitive in any sense.  It should not be likened to a sport. 

A typical class consists of one or two pranayama exercises followed by a gentle warm up then a balanced sequence of asanas.  Classes finish with a relaxation and meditation practice.


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