Yoga for Over Fifties

As we mature our bodies can start to degenerate and increasingly work, life and  family concerns can begin to take its toll. Yoga provides some time out for YOU .  Attending classes on a regular basis will help to keep the body fit and trim, relieve stiffness in the back and shoulders and symptoms of arthritis, osteoporosis and other related diseases. Yoga will help to reverse any signs or symptoms of ageing.

Classes work on the muscles and joints to stretch and restore ranges of mobility and flexibility.  They also offer a gentle, relaxing  and meditative approach to Yoga with some added inspirational readings.  You will come away feeling stretched, re-energised,more positive, calm and balanced.

Fit as a Fiddle  Programme continues on Tuesdays

Starts 8th January 2013

Run in partnership with Age UK

Yoga  - 10.30-11.45am

NFER, Bentley Education Centre, SL1 2DQ( next to the Herschel Park).

Please bring a mat if you have one as supplies are limited.

Practice some gentle stretches and breathing exercises and increase your mobility, flexibility, balance and inner calm.

£3.50 per session.

Park in the car park opposite the Bentley Education Centre in the NFER, or in the main car park on the  Datchet Road.


Pedestrian access is via Upton Close, Slough, SL1 2DT




To book classes contact us here