Children and Young Persons Yoga 

I offer yoga classes before, during or after school and at community organisations

Children and young people can benefit endlessly from yoga both physically and mentally. Regular practice helps to maintain a healthy and flexible spine and corrects poor posture through practice of fun asanas (postures).  It creates mental focus and calm which is achieved through pranayama (breathing practices). Yoga can reduce hyperactivity and anxiety and improves behavioural problems. It also succeeds in enlivening a childs own imaginative qualities whilst improving confidence, concentration and self esteem.  It meets children on both a personal and social level.

age 3-6 yrs

Includes fun postures named after animals and nature.

The classes include use of children's natural instincts of creativity and imagination. Games such as storytelling, singing and drawing may be included.

age 7-10 yrs

The classes include traditional yoga postures and breathing practices followed by some relaxation and visualisation methods. Games such as storytelling, singing and drawing may be included.

ages 11-15

The classes focus on a sequence of balancing and calming practices with use of the breath which is combined by some more dynamic stretches and postures. These sessions are terrific for children and young people and helps to increase concentration and confidence levels whilst improving flexibility, strength, balance and fitness levels. It can also help performances in sport and prevent injury. 


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